AMIGA.TEXTMOD.ES:COLLY> "THE END OF IT ALL!" by Orlingo of Divine Stylers

                  |                                        !
         aææØØØæµ_!                                       _µæØØØØæµ_
       æØØØØ@@#ÑØØØm_                                  _æØØØØÑ@@ÑØØØæ_
      ÆØØØ'   ::µØØØØØw_                             aÆØØ@¯      ¬#ØØ#¸
     JØØØ~   ::ÆØØ@ ¬°#Øm_                        _µØØ#°   ..      0ØØQ
    ¤ØWØØ#   ·::ØØØ&    ¬¶Øm_                     µØØØØw     ::.    JØØ#ØÞ
      ¬¶ØK    ::ãØØØѵ_   ¬##w                  ,ÆØØØØØØÑw__µØ::    _ØØ::
        ¶ØK    ::#ØØØØØØæ:: ¶ØÑ__             _æØ#::¶ØØØØØØØØ::    µØ#::
         ¬#Ñ_   `::¶¶Ø¤:::   ¬#ØØæww      .µæØØØ°  `::¤Øض¶::'    æØM-©Mt-
           ¶Øµ_   `:::·'       Ø#'          ¬¶ØL     `·::::'    µØ@::
            ¬¶Øm_             Æ#~             ¶#_             µØ#:'
              ¬°#ѵ_        _Ø°                ¬#µ_        aæØP''
                  °¶@**wmm*¶'                    ¬°*mmm***P°¯
                  ¡             ......                     ¡         .::::::
                  |          .::::::::::.                  !         ::::::·
                  |        ·:::::'`·:::::::. .:.           .        .::::::
                  !        ::::::.   `·::::::::'       ..::::.      ::::::'
     ......      ..........·::::::.     `·:::'    ..:::::::::::     ::::::
 .:`:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.       '...:::::·'  `:::::::.  :::::::
     ::::::.      ¡     ··:::::::::::. ...:::··'          ·::::::. ::::::·
     ·::::::      !    .:::::· ·::::::::··'                ·::::::.::::::
      ·::::::     ..:::::··      ::::''  ::::::::::::: :: :¡·:::::::
       ·::::::.::::::··           ·'       `·:::::::.      | ·:::::: .:::::
         ·::::·'  |                           `·:::::::..  ! .:::::: ::©Mt:
                  |                              `·::::::::..::::::· ::::::
                  |                                  ``·::::::::··
                  | D ¡ V ¡ N 3   S 7 Y L 3 R S   ¹ 9 9 6  ¡

                 aLOTS OF COOL ANd CHiLLiN mEMBERs SiNCE 1995

                                                      ...The story so far

1) Mortimer Twang left Divine Stylers for House Of Style.
2) Orlingo/Divine Stylers did a drive-by on the Hos-Posse.
3) Divine Stylers stayed low for a while to cool things down.
4) Things didn't cool down and HOS found the DS! hideout.
5) Hos found themselfs driving thru sweden to find the DS! hideout.
6) Hos Found the DS! hideout by simply following Dino/DS.
7) Hos kinda shot most of the DS! members. but they only killed DJ Gizmo.
8) They didn't find Orlingo so they drove of. Due to some strange and weird
   coincidence they ended up in Mexico,found Orlingo, and hanged him on a

And now the story continious..

        / __________________________ \                      .-/
_______/ /                          \ \________             | |.-.
©Mt  \  (____________________________)  /     /          .-.| || þ
\     \ /                            \ /     /           | l| || |
 \     \\             __             //   __/   MEXICO.  `--. `' j   orlingo
  \     \\            \/            //   / /____2_miles_____| |_______.____
   \_____\\_                      _// __/_/                 | |
       \_______j             l________/

shame on you when yo. st.p to... .he ol. .irty. ...tard....broo..yn zoo.

After the Hos-Driveby car drove of, Orlingo hang on the cactus for a while,
looking at the landscape in front of him wondering how he's going to tell
his mom why he didn't made it to dinner..

It was very hot that day in the dessert, and Orlingo felt thirsty. He
yelled at the ice-cream man that passed by, but the man was def, but not
the jam, so the man passed by without noticing Mr. Freshness himself.
In the distance he could here some kids yelling.. 'The Ice-Cream man is
coming', and it reminded him of something.. he heard that same sentence out
in the Brooklyn Zoo.. and Orlingo started humming a little tune..

'STOP THAT NOICE', someone yelled from behind Orlingo.. Orlingo kinda woke
up out of the trance that he hummed himself in, and looked around, he saw a
very nice girl walking from behind him, 'Oh hello', Orlingo said,'Sorry
'bout the noice, I thought no one could hear me.'. 'well,I can.', the girl
said,'What are you doing here?', she asked.
Orlingo told the girl the entire story that had happened so far.
'Well, that's something' the girl said.. 'Jups',Orlingo answered..
'But aren't you tired from hanging on that cactus?', The girl said. 'Well,
A bit, could you help me off?', Orlingo asked, and with the quickness of a
Wu-Twang Swordsman the girl cut the rope that keeped Orlingo clinged to the
'Come with me to my house.' The girl said. 'Me and my Sisters could use a
man... to... well.. you know..'. 'I know', Orlingo said, and with a smile on
his face he followed the girl.

After a 13 mile walk they arrived at the House..

                               'Wild Palms'

it said on a sign above the door. And in some grafitti like chars someone
wrote 'Black Sista' below it..

The girl introduced Orlingo to all her sista's, and showed Orlingo his
chamber.. '36', it said on the door..
Orlingo entered the room.. With a big *BANG* the door closed and Orlingo
was left alone in his chamber.
There was a computer in one corner, 'Amiga' was written al over it..
'hmm', Orlingo thought, and looked around..there was a big window on one
side, it looked out across a garden, it looked like some sort of Japanese
'Bonzai' garden.. he opened the window, and heard some weird sounds, it
reminded him of the tunes he got from Mortimer Twang when he was still down
with Divine Stylers.

On the wall opposite to the window there was a big stack of video tapes..
'The art of Shadowboxing', was written on the top tape..

'Nice', Orlingo thought, and switched on the Amiga.. quickly he found his
way to Protracker and started playing with some of the samples that he
always carries with him... after a long time someone knocked on the door..
Orlingo walked to the door and opened it. He got really surpised when he
saw that the person who knocked on the door was no one other then Radavi.
'What are you doing here?'. 'Well, that's a long story, but I can tell it
in a few sentences.' Radavi said. 'Go ahead.' Orlingo replied.

And Radavi started; After you did that Driveby on Hos, Mortimer started to
think about the whole situation, he came to the conclusion that he kinda
betrayed Divine Stylers, and started to feel unhappy in Hos. But at the
same time he started to feel unhappy all the other Hos members started
asking Mortimer about plans to get back on DS! by doing a drive by..
He didn't wanted to do that 'cause he still felled connected to the entire
DS! Posse, and he even still was close friends with Trivial, so Mortimer
didn't feel like doing a driveby.
But the Hos posse drugged Mortimer, and made him drive the car to sweden,
they did the drive by, but with Mortimer still on drugs they forgot the way
home and ended up in mexico where they by accident ran in to you. They hang
you on a cactus, and left.
But after that Mortimer managed to escape and found this empty house in the
middle of mexico, he called some friends of him that supported him
through out the entire affair, and started a group with them.

But something was missing, he missed he Soulbro, but since he didn't know
where the Hos posse left you he sended his Black Sista out on a mission to
find you, she did and brought you here.

So the only thing he wants to say is that it isn't his fault that things
worked out the way they worked out, and he hopes that everything is aight
between the two of you..

'Well', Orlingo said.. 'People do weird things sometimes.. I did a drive
by, Mortimer did a drive by. I guess 2 drive by's are enough. I'm down with

And at that point Mortimer walked into the chamber.. Orlingo and Mortimer
apologied to each other..and everything was cool, and everything still is

Orlingo now lives together with the Black Sista's, together with Radavi,
Trivial and Mortimer Twang..
They promised eachother to never do another driveby, and only concentrate
on doing things with a certain vibe in them..

                                 THE END!

  .-[ Final Words ]------------------------------.
  |                                              |
 So, now ya'll know the true story..             |
  |                                              |
 I hereby officially step out of Divine Stylers,
 it was fun being a member of it, but I don't feel
 connected to it anymore. First I lost my intrest in
 the Ascii-scene, and then I started wondering why
 I'm still a member of DS!,and since I didn't came up
 with a good excuse I simply decided to leave it.
  |                                              |
                            `---[ Credits ]--------------------.
®MT for all the ascii stuff.                                   |
            .--[ Some greetings and dingen ]-------------------'

Radavi: Zo goed?.... en hou die wilde palmen in leven..

Mortimer:..... I don't know what to say.. see you in the summer.

MSW: Meesterlijke Sprekende Waarhedenverteller...
     Machtig Saaie Waaibomenteler

Everybody: Don't feel sad.. I'm out of inspiration..

                          [email protected]




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øØØÑÑØØ--'°¬'¯¯  ¬''ÆØØØØØK________.Ø#ÑØ#ØØø
   | THE END OF IT ALL!                  ¦
   |    Orlingo is back... to leave 4ever|
Date01 Jan 1996
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