AMIGA.TEXTMOD.ES:COLLY> "LIVE! at bOhEmE's lucali" by Unknown of Style

                      · s t y l e   -   r e s o n a t e s ·


      .________                _______.  .
      :        \_ ___________ _\      |_ _\ ___________ _____________.
      ¦_________/_   _       \\_      _/   \_         //          _ /|
      |        |\/   /       /        |     /        //           \/ |
      |       _|/   /       /         |   _/        / .              |
      |       \|___/       /_.        |___\           |______________|__ _
      |       _|  /__________|________|    \__________|[bHE^Folar]   |
  _ __|______/                                                       |
      |                                                              |
      | Hello .. Style freaks out there.. We are back and our dicks  |
      | are soooooo hard at the moment! CED fucking works again.     |
      |                                                              |
      | bOhEmE on da keyz of da keyboard of my a'cool a500+ med lots |
      | of memory. Ok. Dhm is staring me. Worries me. Psyko is again |
      | getting WAY too drunk. Elvis is jamming. Repe is tracking.   |
      | Stz is hanging around Katja. Dhm is eating sum darn french   |
      | bread called 'PATONKIA'. Nice stuff. Folar is an alcoholic.  |
      | And like so on..  but where is Zeus?                         |
      |                                                              ¦
      | nuuhnuuh it smells like vinegar                              :
      ¦                                                              .
      :	windows spirit is alive and kikin. style is polish nowadays.
      .	the liver is ever-pulsating like the graaf sisters. it's blond
	and in complete fitness like the whole cast of beverly hills
	90210. i crave batong. batong is the food of the gods.

	tummeli might be good for nipples but we've run out of it.
        ALL of us without tummeli. it is a spine-tingling thought but
	it's reality. luckily we have this amiga and boheme's sotilas-
	passi. it's god-awfully ugly. we nearly puke to boheme's 2500
	square meter HALLITSIJA apartment. but it's a necessity to kill
	some bitches for your country. especially if you get some
	tasty sotilaskoti (soldiers' home) munkkis (monks) in trade.

        psx is the devil. very very many style boobies are numbed by
	it, some watch mind numbing mtv shit and some others probe
	their testicles while sitting in bed and sipping cider. it's
	a world culminating moment, showing the nudeness of the world's
	youth and the degeneration of all western world. i should like
	a piece of wild ciberian pussy right now but it won't be possible
	as the Hakaniemi metro system stops its actity in the kohta time

	psx, bright colors, bug eyed mutants, it all makes me pee all
	over boheme's beatiful parket floor. it's too bad. i'm all
	over kautokeino when the bastard notices. psx, the devil.
	did i mention that ? japanese is just a bunch of pedophiles.
	fucking chromed balls in Feng Shui formation .. makes me
        paranoid. and this fucking amiga without any connection to
	outside world ... unicef might be interested of it as a
	3rd world aid to nibble some chocolate salted balls.

	where is the hard drive? fucked if i knew. and this shitty
	fucking modem pukes Nestle Chocolate Covered Peanut Chips
	all over your mother's boobies. God i could pay over 2000
	pesetas for Ron Jeremy to rape this fucking enema machine
        just for laughs.

	ok not

	tulevaisuus boobies with ice cream topping

	pasha is an easter porridge. my square meter envy tops all.
	some pseudo-alternative finnish sucky pop playing on speakers.
	where are the negroes? i cannot understand. all white cast.
        is STYLE a white-supremacy group? i'm between decisions.
	not likely. or is it ?

        sapelinkalistelu small talk with beer fog, separated by
        square meters and elintaso ambience

	tuhinaa puhinaa nuuhkutusta pällistelyä hiukan hämmentyneisyyttäki.
	Aivosumu hits the posse like El Nino.

	The Brain Fog, starring David Niven, with khaki chino pants.
	it's all good in the neighborhood, consuming hard drugs
	like Dwight Osgood.

        Ahhey.. It's Folar here again. As you can see .. The master
        of weird stories - DHM is back to kick ass! He's really a
        lunatic! ;) Anyway .. I better drink more beer before I'll
        sober up. Catch ya laters..

        Ahh.. Folar continues. I wanna remind you about my upcoming
        colleciton. Finally I got it to safer place than my old PC's
        hard drive. Maybe some beauty day it comes to infront of your
        eyes. I don't promise anything.. But yeyee --

	the nemesis boob attachs the .txt file

	hmm ...... .orororooororrrrooororr... our mormon cooking really
	kicks ass. the beef is panered like all-good and the sauce is
	infested in cream and various exotic spices. our mormon style
	is invincible and ass-kicking in the widest sense of god-fearing
	disciples and money laundering tv channel domination.

	pineapple wrenching apple fume omen digested poo straight from
	the Kouvola train station conductors bluntly staring at your
	void ticket like 1,000 stoned berlin wall sized beach king
	athletes determined to annull your existence

	the beer tastes like yeast infection in cindy crawfords private

	i have no idea. at least the Leonia pigs know how to communicate
	with their noses

	i WAnna remind you about my upcoming collection. i have no upcoming
	collection. like i gave a fuck. check my booty and maybe there's
	a collection but i couldn't give a phoque really, i'm sorry. the
	moomins will inform you further. the sotilaspassi still bugs me.
	it's a very serious offence at my psyche. collection of testicles.

	collections, beer, computers, toni halme, exit only? oh no. a means
	anus guess what k means. uh. oh. with this heineken pooowa me....
	repe is writing after that long session of dhm's stuff. But cavemen
	generation will rise, in Kuopio city! And yes, our future lies in
	Japan, universities, domestic violence and kids sexual abusing....
	psyko advised that 'ota KIRVES JA AARMAGEDDON!' criminal feels empty
	after confusing questionaire. repe out for more beer support. more
	soul. more heart. more feelings?

	noin. <- se oli vääntö. -alpo ulkona of busineees.

	yo! folar is just taking a sexy asento at the floor.. he looks really drunken

	still r<e>sonating ... Surfing is about to call us. Groovy Aajee.
	Last night I saw Tony 'The Viking' Halme striptease. Hmm, maybe
	that is why I didn't get much sleep last night? Anyway, plop plop,
	.... I am a vegetable

	vegetable elvis, almost like the real one nowadays hah? beer is strong,
	we are weak. the force of alcohol. making us to drink...drunk...puke?
	oh no. acid again. elviksen cd soi ja kovaa rokki kolahtaa kun
	vaahtokarkkeja imee. varo kieltäsi. watch your language.. haha.
	access denied. -nik o. range offline for a while.

	NOOOO vukcc no its a vegetable-offence, a direct pugilistic ball
	busting kick at the Sipoo airport nullifying the working class
	and nothing else .. old stickers with sweat, shit and dust, all
	forgotten by the world but considered as religious objects by some
	... windows is the devil .. bill is the 666 ... but we are happy
	to serve the devil.

        zeus. siis folarhan se on se vege. slow motion.. kaunista elämää
        kaikille tutuille, jos terveisia saa lahettaa..

        ananas, a.k.a pineapple may not be a vegetable in a strict
	grammatical, cosmic, regular sense but is surely is in a nano-
	spontaneous cumshot-in-the-dark sense. pineapple is all good with
	kinkku, a.k.a ham, also with salami and various other pizza
	INDEGRIENTS. HMM some pygm or some other house dwarf shitted on
	my cAPS LOCK key ... oh my god ... niggaz ... jazz is pouring
        from the speakers, ... .it's all good with me but it's boring
	me nevertheless ...

	OK ... the psx is still there ... the cosmic sameness is existing
	still, nothing is changing ... numbness in the brain is manifesting
	its existance ... giving me nothing ... we be just numb you dig

        rave ball atcha

	this is getting really weird... my boobs are growing .. they are
	getting really tender ... i'm really confused ... they are
	pamela-size now ... my hair is turning blond ... i'm starting to
	understand nothing ... i mean ... i think everything is fine and
	peachy and my boobs are meant to assassinate every passbyer ...
	i want to knock out every human being with my boobs ... i'm starting
	to feel like a thin sumo ... i'm feeling like a swimming guard ..
	red swimming suits .... blond hair .... capitalistic thinking ...
	pecking order appreciation in my spinal column .... michael
	hasselhoff in near vicinity ... david i mean ... baywatch nights..
	poltergeist in the neighborhood ... like i cared ... beach buggyz
	jumping like kangaroo balls, burning fossil fuel but nobody cares

        a poem

        it's on
	like my man richard nixon
	it's all new
	like my man spiro agnew
        it's all gone
	like my man ronald reagan
	it's drawing bug-eyed family cartoon schitz
	like my (wo)man camilla mickwicz

	kanji characters mutilating your skin, fuck all y'all mutaphuquaz
	pugilistic harmony mutifying all your vocal chords it's all good
	because it's vanilla perry semi-sweet cider manufactured drug

	Ok ... you may have noticed that this collection does not include
	yet a single character of so called ASCII / ANSI art or what fking
	ever. that is maybe because everybody is laying on the Parket (tm)
	floor and enjoying beer, cider or various other drugs. And why not.
        Venomous boobs are also distracting our ascii-abilities, plus this
	hugh hefnerous apartment plus the ever bugging fart pressure

	well i'm gonna freak you out with an ascii now

      _| p  o |_
     (__________) <- a dhm creation
        (____)    fuck i'm rusty as hell .. luckily you don't know my
	handle ... hmm i suggest you take a look at some flash animations
	instead or some deranged mp3 creations ... this world is taking
	a turn to Kouvola ... which is not good let me tell ya ...

        kouvola, the city of language, the spot of marmonies. between the
	turns during the jakob esticles. I piss on you! uhh ahh! jäkelä
	on my mind...dealing with eyes, my ears whine. the whine of end.
	kabula maru ka po matula! mc doks sick one. ascii going on weak
	side with no wife nor life. - Nik O. Range a.k.a. Repe.
	Listen, become addict!

	blahh, seems like people prefer violence over sex. corpse-surfing
	takes place.

        'Years ago, we started out on the streets, low-down and dirty.
	But we soon realized that to have it all, to really nail it down,
	we had to control the source, so we moved out into the jungles.
	We took over the plantations and the factories, until we built
	the biggest drug-empire the world has ever known! But success
	brings jealousy and we laid out millions in pay-offs. But the
	greed only grew. So you came to me and you asked me to find a
	fool-proof way, a fool-proof way to protect ourselves, to
	protect our investments. So with the help of Professor Sanborn
	here, i think I've archieved that #$£**£# !!'

        Ohhoh.. bOhEmE flying with colours of the rainbow.. or colors
        what you prefer yourself. Selves. Books. Looks. Locks. Pox.
        Ppl are all dizzy and fucked up. We're flying. High like joo.
        Leprafuck Posse dominates your anus around your kreppinen kudos.
        Me off to fLOAT!


	Uhh ahha ...

    	ho ho psyko here .. hehe boheme and all other babylon 5 freaks went to
	watch babylon.. the real boozers stayed here hehe.. huh.. i think i should
	show my slerba to some bartender eh..oh and i should also remind ya that
	im moving soon.. so there will be a awasome party at my house :)  cya!

        b5 session over. anglia was here. taggin the wall, braggin the noize.
        damn juppihippis all around. perkele! ootekko nähny teukkaa? ja arvaa.
	se on siinä. todellakin. yeah! really! sauna would rock now!

        i should show you real mad penis over this bullshit fallos
	representing .. that's about nothing i tell ya ... mad penis,
        ron jeremy style i tell ya. assault of the horrorpengo, beyond
        the gender specific subliminal inquisition, no-one seems to know
	but they all know


        i'm a man...lookin like you. ex.elvis future will smith. trying ot
	get drunk no soberness we have no future. DAYDOWN! DAYUP! Uhh...
	get trunked, get holmes!

        h0lmes... Let's remember oul idol Ron Jeremy also.. When I'm
	adult I will be as fat as Ron, but i think I haven't been a
	star in hundreds of pornomovies. Groovy Aajee.

        Hoiyoo.. Pretty much weirdness around. Hhooh Thank you god for
        all the pukes last night and this taste of beer .. and the best
        thing is this erhm meeting all these ppl :) fucking mad ppl and
        Stezo went home or so .. Anyway Folarilainen goes to drink more
        beer .. Plahalahja

        BTW. RON JEREMY is a fucking god! Actually he's a teacher!!!
        I really loved some nice 'soft' porn movie where all the men
        were such kind to females and then RON came .. The first words
        were 'SHUT UP BITCH' and he placed his dick in that bitch's
        ass!! And kept yellin' 'SHUT UP BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!' ;)


        Well, how would it be without any stimulants, mental or physical?
	That's what i aked my self tonight. And i also answered: it would
	be nothing, just boring, days like the previous, nothing important
	to do, no special place to go, neither special people to meet.
	People that make the days worth to go throught. Special thimgs
	to do, things that make your days worth waking up for. Maybe
	you get money for 'em, maybe you don't. It seems that sooner
	or leighter people get paid for the things they love to do.
	Seems to me i've kind of accomplished this. So hass bOhÉmE
	done it, even better than me. But who cares if your inner spirit
	is gone, then you do it for the dead presidents. Then your
	getting married with a girl you don't love because his dad's got
	doe, get your self a V40 because your neighbour has it, cheat
	your wife with your boss' secretary, get the divorce. I don't
	wan't that kind of future. I hope you neither.

        Boheme is just making a picture called spock ote... it's from the
	masturbation pages eheheh - erkki

        father of song of the lung and the ramblings of a madman. really?
        hello andrew weatherall i know you read this! yeah! you rok!
	masa and jäken kasino. ohno. ouhh. stimulants and pets. feed 'em!


        Bahh ... i have a golden hole in my brain. thoughts leak on
	the ground. i can't see enough to pick anything up..

	välillä suomea, kun englantia ei aksessoida aivoissa. sex, drugs
	and rock'n'roll, we meni englanixx. pop pop d
                                                    0 to the mothaphuken
                                                beat ... minäkin vihaan
						tietää liikaa muiden
                                                säteilevän älyn helmiä.

                                                helmiä sioille. disko the
						motaPHUken gangsta beat's

	ploahr    <-----			disain.
	juna toimii. NaTioNal blakk ninjazz
	beibe. tajunnan olavi virta.

	ok .. here i am ... hmm ... just like to tell you that i have this
	labile region in my tommy which likes to jump up and down like jane
	fonda. rock on like richard nixon.

        holistica .. galactica! ouh .. it's something like 2.00am at the
        frikken moment. Only the true Oldskool Drunkbitches are awake and
        keep the frikken moooooooooooooooooodddddddddd on... Ohhhhh  .

        _\  _    /
        |   \___/
        |____| ylly ku o väsy!!!

	derailed penis
      ________________________ ___  ___________
      \__    __   /  _   _    \   |/   _/   /  |tm
        |    |   /   |  _/  __/   \    \   /   |
        |____|_______|__\    \____|\____\______|    the wondrous mystical
                         \____\                     middle ages town sweating
                                                    redneckness, unintelligible
                                                    dialects and the famous
                                               miss Finland lola Ougadagouga.
         ______  _______  _____ _____   ______________
        |      |/   ___/_/____ | ____\_/ ______ _____ \ /\______
        |      \      \ _     \| \     \/     /|     |//        \
        |______|\      \/     /___\     \    /_|     |/__  \     \
                 \___________/     \________/  |__________/ \_____\

           the wondrous backwoods ghetto where many train conductors
           come from. many people have wandered here and never got out.

           tuhinaa j j lehto cumshot penetration violence hasselnöt
           farout knävel jävel dufvel lipsil huulirasvaliukastus

     __/ /__
    /      / <--- hARA LARBA    by:uolevi

        lager lager lager pumper nikkel

                          _________.._______    ______
             _____________\__      ||   ___/____\   _/________________
            /              _/      |    \          ______            /
            \  potta paska \       |     ·         /    / dual crew /
            .\  ja vittu    \_ ___________________/      pyllistää /
            |________________| folar ja style  |__________________/

       trust to the real art .. hahahha ascii boring .. YOU IDIOTS

                                                 .__ /   _|__ __.
                         .                       |  //  /    \\ |
                      ___:                       ._/   /_     \_:
     _____.   ____   /   |   ____  ____.        _|_______\______|_.         _____
  __/_    |__/_   \ /    |__/_   \/   _|__   __/_    \/     \ /   |.___  __/_    \
 /   /    /   /   //     /   /___/__ /    \ /   /   _/       \    ||   \/   /   _/
/   /    /   /___/ \_   /   /_    _//_     \_. /_    \_       \   ||    \_ /_    \__
\__/_____\ _________/   \.____    |___\______|________/_______/__________/___\_____/
          \\    /________|   \____|           __ .    /     \©nup/p^a
                                              \_)|   /       \  .
     hei tässä on joku vitun tyhjiö.             |_ /         \ |
                                                   \\_______._/ |
           vähän mageeta                            __/_    |   |
                                                   /   /    | __:
                      .___                        /   /     |
    ______ /_    _____|   \      _____    _____   \_________|
   /      /_  __/_    :    \  __/_    \ _/_    \ __/_    \
   \____    \/   /    :     \/   /    /   /    //   /   _/
  .    /     \_ /     :      \  /____/   /____/¯\_ /_    \_.
  |___________//______:       \_.__\ \___________/   \_____|
                      |_________|     _ __ _ /        .

        i cannot fucking belive it the clock is more than PENIS and every
        one is asleep and i dont even know their handles and i got mad sleep
        need and hunger and every place is shut and the fucking buses and
        trains and streetcars dont go to anywhere and the fukcing keypad
        is so gayish that i dont care to insert the ' in the middle of don'ts
        you see ?

        i feel like boris jeltsin .... i need some pH-leveling stimulant now..
        fucking abdomen rebels against me ... rockszo .. i ate the last
        belgian chocolate in the kitchen, don't tell boheme ... the olives
        seemed nice but the jar was unopened so i didn't open it

        what ta fuk are you staring ... im not going to tell you anything
        anymore ... ok one last thing i got this HUGE DICK and its venomous
        cruising like ARJA KORISEVA with his brand new FORD ESCORD speeding
        E4 with no delay eating HAM AND CHEESE ROLLS with no REMORSE !

        nostril bouncing anemia cuts faster than a plastic shark full of
        broken teeth

        you gotta SANCTIFY ........ nigggggggggggggga !

        bOhEmE hereah.. I just woke up.. it's kinda weird. Ppl leaving and
        I heard b alias nup also visited our party. Funny. I think I was
        sleeping like a baby at the that time since I passed out with
        flying colours. Or that's what I think it was... Well, another
        Style Meeting over and another appartment became a wasteland.

                         · ·



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 · Style does it LIVE! at bOhEmE's lucali ·
TitleLIVE! at bOhEmE's lucali
Date01 Jan 1970
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